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Demolition Contractor

Demolition services are often necessary in removing existing infrastructure that has been deemed unsafe, condemned or are simply no longer desirable in the area. Demolition services use special types of heavy equipment such as backhoes in order to be able to tear down concrete structures and steel beams that are often made of high strength steel.

J. H. Frix and Son is here to provide free estimates for hard and soft demolition services.

Hard Demolition

Refers to the removal of items like walls made of brick, block or concrete, slabs and footings or structural steel framing. J.H. Frix and Son performs hard demolition using concrete cutting and removal, jackhammers, backhoes with breakers or excavators with breakers.

Soft Demolition

Refers to the removal of the interior build-out of a commercial or industrial building or parts of a residence. The items removed include doors and frames, t-bar ceilings, drywall ceilings, light fixtures, millwork, bathroom fixtures, carpet, VCT, tile, drywall walls, and interior partitions, roofing, HVAC units and ducting.

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